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Founded in April 2011, Live2GiveU Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity whose purpose is to assess and serve the needs of the socioeconomically disadvantaged locally, nationally, and internationally.


It is an all-volunteer organization, having no paid staff or received wages. Except for necessary operating expenses, all other money raised are going directly to Live2GiveU Foundation, Inc funds.



Provision of assistance in areas of health, education, and welfare through missions that include but not limited to medical and health care, eye care, dental care, vaccinations, disaster relief, first response, and other fundamental needs such as food and clothing.  This goal has been achieved in the past in the Philippines.  Additionally, Live2GiveU is expanding to help mitigate the perilous impact of climate change, global warming, sea level rise, coastal erosion, and other forces of Nature threatening the safety and quality of life of humans and the overall ecosystem.


A. Healthcare

·To develop a health, education, and welfare service template, beta-test the template, and apply the template in other parts of Asia, especially in areas where the sex industry is present.

·To provide HPV vaccines for sex industry workers, education around women’s healthcare for the general public, food and clothing in areas targeted for vaccines and healthcare.

·To collaborate with selected regions’ Public Health Department to optimize on-site approaches, efforts, results, and ongoing service.

·To identify and collaborate with schools serving the developmentally disabled to ensure equity in outreach educational efforts.

·To align with local villages in meeting immediate needs for food and clothing.


B.Environmental Health

·To establish relationships with the network of stakeholders critical to environmental health.

·To develop a pipeline of environmental health advocates to continue the work of sustainability.

·To understand the types of substrates that could mitigate the effects of rising sea levels.

·To perform studies that would test durability of response of selected substrates

List of Directors and Officers

Mary Joy Guzman – President/Founder


Maria Tamez – Secretary


Girlie Tijam - Treasurer


Jayden Bautista – Director


Jordan Bow -Director


Dr. Jasmin T. Flores– Director


Miriam Sarmiento – Director

Disclaimer: Each individual listed below is a volunteer board member, receiving no compensation for serving on the Board.  No individual on this list is a “disqualified person” with respect to the organization.  No individual on this list is a publicly-elected official, nor has any individual on this list been appointed to the Board of Directors by a publicly-elected official.

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